Determinants of migration motives as a precondition for the migration flows formation

  • Received October 1, 2017;
    Accepted November 8, 2017;
    Published December 6, 2017
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    Volume 15 2017, Issue #3, pp. 352-364
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The processes of international migration in recent years concern a large number of people due to many military conflicts intensification, borders liberalization, internationalization of education, etc. Migration motives are believed to consist of economic, socio-demographic, political and security, language-cultural and ecological and natural determinants. Reviewing migration motives and migration flows dependence on the respective determinants for Ukraine provided an opportunity to form a set of parameters to study empirically migration motivation for leaving abroad.
The article researches and generalizes the questionnaire results on migration motivation of individuals. The general results of respondents’ views on their potential migration format are highlighted. The respondents’ individual assessment of the reasoned determinants in relation to their influence on the motivating people to migrate abroad is analyzed. To confirm the results, the indicators of the individual determinants importance are presented. It is determined that the prevailing determinants of migration belong to the group of economic and political-security ones, in particular, low wages, high level of corruption in the country, high unemployment, corrupt and ineffective judicial protection system, state participation in armed conflicts and post-conflict state of the country, high level of inflation, high level of labor income taxation, the complexity of opening and closing a business.

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    • Figure 1. Map of migrants from Ukraine from 2000 to 2015
    • Figure 2. Personal “pulling-pushing” factors of migration motives and motives of return home formation
    • Table 1. The main countries-recipients of Ukrainian migrants from 2000 to 2015
    • Table 2. The analysis of individual determinants of migration motives formation
    • Table 3. Determinants of migration motives formation
    • Table 4. Summary of indicators of respondents’ assessing the determinants influence on their migration motivation