Stabilization Pentagon Model: application in the management at macro- and micro-levels

  • Received June 15, 2017;
    Accepted July 29, 2017;
    Published September 18, 2017
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    Volume 15 2017, Issue #3, pp. 42-52
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The problem of instability of industries, clusters and states influences the countries’ economies. Unavoidable changes became an attribute of the strategic planning at every level. As a result, an effective tool is needed to evaluate stability at different levels in such a way that will make it possible to manage the changes. In this paper the concept of Macroeconomic Stabilization Pentagon (MSP) was analyzed for its applicability for the EU countries of low-an-middle-income economies including Ukraine. The data analysis brought new understanding of the assessment of the public policies’ effectiveness. The model has proven its efficiency not just in the sphere of public administration, but also for the micro level management. The authors proposed the Microeconomic Stabilization Pentagon to be implemented in the research at the level of enterprises

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    E63, F63, C21, L20
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    • Figure 1. Macroeconomic Stabilization Pentagon (Kolodko, 1993)
    • Figure 2. Microeconomic Stabilization Pentagon (proposed)
    • Figure 3. Comparison of MSP Profiles of certain countries (based on our own calculations)
    • Table 1. The optional alternatives for the indices of the Pentagon Model t
    • Table 2. Sub-indices and the MSP index for the lower-middle-income economies of the EU countries for time period 2000–2015 (calculations based on Eurostat data)