Econometric analysis of the structure and sustainability of Ukraine socio-economic system in the context of the economic systems theory


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The article is devoted to the development of a conceptually new systemic structural approach to the study of sustainability of economic systems. The problem of ensuring sustainability of economic entities remains unsolved, largely due to the lack of the necessary methodology. In the article, the approach is shaped by new economic systems theory, which implies the division of all economic systems into types depending on their spatiotemporal localization. Applied research of socio-economic system of Ukraine in its context is implemented by econometric modeling using data mining techniques and by calculating the economic sustainability index using the author’s techniques. The indicators, announced by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, as well as the ranking and indexing results, presented by leading international organizations, are used as the parameters. Alternative hypothesis about preconditioning of economic sustainability of the macro-level system by the structural balance of its four subsystems with different spatial and temporal localization is confirmed. The results of modeling have shown a number of interesting, previously not formalized, patterns of the country’s development and have allowed to better understand the forming mechanism of its sustainability in different periods during 2000–2015. Both the methodology itself and the empirical results obtained on its basis open up a wide variety of perspectives of micro and macroeconomic analysis.

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    • Figure 1. Graphical interpretation of the ideal configuration of a completely balanced system structure
    • Figure 2. Graphical representation of the index estimations of the subsystems of socio-economic system of Ukraine for the period of 2000–2015 years*
    • Figure 3. Graphical representation of the subsystems proportions in general structure of the socio-economic system of the country: a) in dynamics by years; b) on average for the analyzed period
    • Figure 4. Graphical representation of the index of economic sustainability of the country’s socio-economic system fo the period 2000–2015 years
    • Table 1. Distribution of the elements of country’s socio-economic system by the subsystems and their systemic features
    • Table 2. Characteristics of functioning parameters of the subsystems of socio-economic system of Ukraine
    • Table 3. Distribution of the model parameters by their correlation degree with the index of economic sustainability of Ukrainian socio-economic system