Strategic capacities in US universities – the role of business schools as institutional builders

  • Received August 18, 2017;
    Accepted October 30, 2017;
    Published March 1, 2018
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    Volume 16 2018, Issue #1, pp. 186-198
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The global expansion of the higher education and professional faculties like business schools offers a case study in the strategic capabilities of universities and professional schools like business to build academic strength, reputation, and legitimacy. The expansion of business schools reflects novel strategies like ecosystems collaboration and network advantages, presenting new challenges for quality, relevance, and competitive threats from the consulting industry, corporate universities, MOOCs, and highly-specialized business schools. The paper concludes with recommendations for business education.

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    • Figure 1. More graduates, lower salaries
    • Figure 2. Business School Ecosystem
    • Figure 3. Frontier firms vs. others
    • Figure 4. The science-commercialization continuum
    • Figure 5. Alignments and tradeoffs in business schools
    • Table 1. Profile of top 25 US research universities (2008) (all figures USD)
    • Table 2. Profiles of two management societies: Academy of Management and Strategic Management Society
    • Table 3. Two contrasts of knowledge tool kits: medicine and business