Improvement of operational management of innovative production processes based on the implementation of MES


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Theoretical and practical issues of improving the quality of operational management of production processes through the implementation of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) are considered. To assess the risk of introduction of systems of this class, a basic set of seven influencing factors is defined. The qualitative approach to risk assessment proposes using two ordinal scales, on the basis of which the matrix for estimating the probability of occurrence of risk factors and the degree of their negative impact is built. The quantitative approach to risk assessment proposes using the formula for calculating the integral risk factor. The choice of the matrix organizational structure of management is justified in the realization of projects for implementation of MES at the enterprises with the innovative nature of production. Typical functional subsystems of MES implemented on the SIMATIC IT platform are identified and analyzed. Original express methods for evaluating the economic efficiency of investment projects for the introduction of MES are proposed. Practical testing of methodology is carried out through the example of evaluating the economic efficiency of the project for implementation of a MES at the enterprise with an innovative nature of production. As the results, relevant for the theory of building MES, the generalized algorithms of their functioning are proposed: the algorithm of operational planning of production processes with the use of a MES and the algorithm of the interaction of model functional modules in MES. The advantages of MES of new generation, i.e. management systems of combined production, are analyzed.

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    • Figure 1. The risk assessment matrix of implementation of a MES
    • Figure 2. Information flows between the service of operating production management and other enterprise services
    • Figure 3. The algorithm of the interaction model functional modules in MES
    • Figure A1. Algorithm of operational planning of production processes using a MES
    • Table 1. Functional subsystems of the embedded MES based on the SIMATIC IT platform
    • Table 2. Start-up costs for the project on implementation of a MES
    • Table 3. Data for calculation of TSt
    • Table 4. Initial data for calculation of NPV of the project
    • Table 5. Calculation of NPV of the project