Religious feeling, morality and ethical feelings: the case study on Indonesia


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There is no guarantee that people will follow their professional code of ethics. Large number of violation occurred in almost every organization. In this study we argued that commitment toward code of ethics, which is related to ethical feelings, is imperative to predict whether a person will obey their professional code. This study predicted that commitment to the code of ethics is determined by individual morality (i.e. moral judgment and moral maturity), and religious feeling. The survey was conducted through online questionnaire to Indonesian employees from various sectors and undergraduate students. The analysis revealed that moral judgment cannot predict commitment toward code of ethics. The result showed that religious feeling and moral maturity have positive association with commitment to code of ethics. In addition, these two concepts also produced favorable effect on moral judgment. Discussion, implication, and limitation are provided in the final part of article.

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    • Figure 1. Diagram of test results for the hypothesis of direct effect
    • Table 1. Descriptive statistics and correlations
    • Table 2. Regression results
    • Table 3. Factor loading and Cronbach’s Alpha