Control in the system of managerial decisions procedures: a conceptual view

  • Published September 6, 2016
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    Volume 14 2016, Issue #3 (cont. 1), pp. 203-215

The aim of this study is to investigate the role of control and develop the common approaches to the control in a key area of management – the organization of the process of preparation, adoption and implementation of managerial decisions, which could serve as the basis for creating and maintaining an efficient system of control in organizations and a reference for solving problems in a variety of managerial situations. The structured analysis of the necessary and sufficient set of stages (phases) and the procedures of development, adoption and implementation of managerial decisions that ensure the managerial cycle have allowed the author to evaluate the role and place of the stages and procedures, specify the role of control in the process of management, and the relationship of the control and other managerial procedures. Understanding the characteristics of the relationships and the role of control can be required by the management in order to create a system of control taking into account the specifics of the organization. Analysis of the “managerial” and “executive” decisions allowed the author to identify the ratio of different types of control at their implementation. Interconnection between development technologies, adoption and implementation of managerial decisions and control procedures provides some practical importance for management. The results of the study can be used by management of various organizations to develop common approaches to solving problems in various managerial situations, using the conclusions drawn by the author.

Keywords: management, control, managerial decisions, purpose of the managerial decision, problem.
JEL Classification: M19, L29, D80

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