Evaluating the effect of accruals quality, investments anomaly and quality of risk on risk premium (return) of stock of listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

  • Published September 15, 2016
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    Volume 14 2016, Issue #3 (spec. issue), pp. 296-306
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Nowadays, reaching to economic goals in any society requires public participation, which is only the result of people participation. Investment in stock market is one of people participation methods. So, awareness from stock return and its affecting factors is one of anxieties of investors and owners of shares. In this research, authors evaluate the effective factors on stock return using Fama and French models. So, authors study the effect of some factors including accruals quality, anomalies of investments, size factor, market’s risk premium factor, and book equity to market equity factor, on stock’s risk premium which is representative of stock returns, in 70 listed companies in Tehran stock exchange from 20 March 2003 to 20 March 2014. Results showed that accruals quality and quality of risk have meaningful effect on risk premium, which is representative of stock returns. Results also show that investment anomaly has no meaningful effect on risk premium and, consequently, on stock returns.

Keywords: accruals quality, investments anomaly, risk premium, return diversity, stock returns, quality of earnings, discretionary accruals, systematic risk.
JEL Classification: M41, G12, G14

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