The impact of artificial intelligence on commercial management


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The essence of this research is to shed light on use and importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in commercial activity. As such, the objective of the present study is to understand the impact of AI tools on the development of business functions and if they can be affirmed as a means of help or as a substitute for these functions. In-depth interviews were conducted with 15 commercial managers from technological SMEs. The results indicate that all the participants use AI systems frequently, that these tools assist in developing of their functions, allowing having more time and better preparing to solve the commercial problems. The findings also indicate that the tools used by commercials are still somewhat limited, and companies should focus on their training and development in AI, as well as the training of their commercials. Furthermore, the results show that firms intend to use the data collection and the analytical tool that enable real-time response and customization according to customer needs.

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    • Figure 1. Categorization and coding of the interview corpus for qualitative analysis
    • Table 1. Framework of the research objectives and research questions
    • Table 2. Impact AI tools have on commercial work
    • Table 3. Commercial perspective about the future impact of IA tools in the commercial area
    • Table 4. Companies perspective, according to commercials, about the future impact of AI tools on business
    • Table 5. Commercial perspective on competitive advantage in using AI tools
    • Table 6. Commercial perspective on the most beneficial tools in the future