Digital business research for small and medium-sized enterprises: The case of Ukraine


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The use of available digital tools, the entrepreneur’s personal human capital, and the formation and filling of niche markets are seen as the main factors of enterprises’ prosperity. Thus, the study aims to identify the impact of business research on the dynamics of operational and commercial efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The online survey and regression analysis methods based on the data obtained were used. The study revealed that SMEs constantly need to perform data analysis, but despite the need for business intelligence, enterprises rarely use Big Data (cloud technologies). Most small businesses that conduct business research use digital tools, which poses acute problems of staff development and building an effective model for outsourcing research agents. Currently, the economic efficiency of business research is not clearly visible, which is due to the influence of strong external factors, as well as a low level of innovation and research activity of economic agents.

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    • Table 1. The results of the survey “Does your business require data analysis?”
    • Table 2. The results of the survey “How often do you use Big Data (cloud computing) in your business?”
    • Table 3. The results of the survey “Do you need business research in your business?”
    • Table 4. The results of the survey “Do you conduct business research using digital tools?”
    • Table 5. Results of the survey “How do you assess the dynamics of innovation growth in your business?”
    • Table 6. The results of the survey “Has your income changed in the last two years?”
    • Table 7. Regression analysis results
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      Anton Kvitka, Olga Diachek
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      Anton Kvitka, Anna Kramarenko, Denys Davydov, Maryna Pasmor, Olga Diachek
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      Anna Kramarenko
    • Methodology
      Anna Kramarenko, Olga Diachek
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      Denys Davydov, Maryna Pasmor
    • Validation
      Denys Davydov, Maryna Pasmor