Impact of personnel policy on human resources management: Empirical evidence from Vietnamese enterprises


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Human resources have an essential meaning in stability and sustainability of business activities. The quality of human resources contributes to increasing intelligence and thinking, as well as productivity and efficiency in all activities of an enterprise. The study aims to determine the influence of different factors on Vietnamese enterprises’ human resources management, including staffing plans, personnel selection, employee use, resource training, employee rating, and bonus policies. Exploratory factor analysis is employed to test the factors related to the research model. The sample comprises 417 leaders working at Vietnamese enterprises surveyed in 2021. The paper uses panel data to test the regression using OLS method. The selected enterprises are diverse in industry and size to ensure representativeness and are based in Ho Chi Minh City. The results elicit that staffing plans and bonus policies are two of the six factors that positively affect the human resources management of Vietnamese enterprises. The findings also show that staffing plans are the factor that has the most substantial impact on human resources management. Finally, the paper has proposed some policy suggestions to stabilize human resources management at Vietnamese enterprises to attract quality talent.

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    • Table 1. Reliability statistics
    • Table 2. KMO and Bartlett’s test
    • Table 3. Correlations
    • Table 4. Model summary
    • Table 5. ANOVA results
    • Table 6. Coefficients
    • Table 7. Hypotheses testing results
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      Tran Quoc Thinh
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