Effectiveness of public administration of the digital economy in Kazakhstan


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The digitalization of the economy has become one of the modern concepts in many countries and added urgency for governments to embark on a new path for effective digital and data governance. This study aims to examine the effectiveness of public administration of the digital economy in Kazakhstan, focusing on the policies, regulations, and strategies implemented by the government to support the development of this sector. The paper also explores the challenges faced by the government and the private sector in implementing these policies and regulations, including issues related to infrastructure, human capital, and the regulatory environment. It uses interdisciplinary, analytical, and systemic approaches, as well as desk research, analysis of materials of international organizations, and analysis of legal documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan and data from expert surveys. Thus, the results indicate the main scientific categories of the digital economy. Modern trends in the development of the digital economy in the world and the Republic of Kazakhstan have been identified. The results also show key performance indicators of public administration, assess the effectiveness of public administration of the digital economy in Kazakhstan, and offer directions for improving the efficiency of public administration of the digital economy. The study concludes by offering recommendations for policymakers to enhance the effectiveness of public administration of the digital economy in Kazakhstan.

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    • Figure 1. Buyers’ assessment of the frequency of online purchases, %
    • Figure 2. Number of cellular subscribers with access to the Internet in Kazakhstan
    • Figure 3. Structure of income from communication services in the Republic of Kazakhstan, January–June 2022, %
    • Figure 4. Dynamics of the position of Kazakhstan on the control indicator “Government Efficiency” in the GCI, 2017–2021
    • Table 1. IT spending and forecast for 2020–2022
    • Conceptualization
      Aruzhan Yeraliyeva, Galiya Dauliyeva, Biken Nurmanova
    • Data curation
      Aruzhan Yeraliyeva
    • Formal Analysis
      Aruzhan Yeraliyeva
    • Investigation
      Aruzhan Yeraliyeva
    • Methodology
      Aruzhan Yeraliyeva
    • Resources
      Aruzhan Yeraliyeva, Galiya Dauliyeva, Gulmira Andabayeva
    • Visualization
      Aruzhan Yeraliyeva
    • Writing – original draft
      Aruzhan Yeraliyeva
    • Project administration
      Galiya Dauliyeva, Biken Nurmanova
    • Supervision
      Galiya Dauliyeva, Gulmira Andabayeva, Biken Nurmanova
    • Validation
      Galiya Dauliyeva, Biken Nurmanova
    • Writing – review & editing
      Galiya Dauliyeva, Gulmira Andabayeva