Technology transfer motive of managers in Eastern Asia: empirical results from manufacture industry in Banten province, Indonesia


Empirical results state that large number of Eastern Asia managers in Banten province lack of technology mastery. It causes low employees productivity. The purpose of this study is to search for explanation of causality among variables to assess research hypotheses. Population used in this study is employees in an organization led by foreign managers from Eastern Asia. Purposive sampling technique is used to decide samples. Criteria to determine samples are: 1) operating in Banten province; 2) employing foreign workers, and 3) having at least 300 workers. There are 200 distributed questionnaires in this study, and 138 manageable questionnaires are left.
Main results from this study state that technology transfer motive influences the strength of relationship, local employee personal capacity and technology mastery. Also, it impacts the strength of relationship and local employee personal capacity in the enhancement of employees productivity, yet, technology mastery cannot improve employee productivity. It is in line with the results by Argote and Ingram (2000), yet, it contradicts with Nonaka’s study (1994) which states that technology competence influences productivity

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