The efficiency of use of the human capital in the agriculture


The article presents the results of theoretical review and summarizing of materials regarding the interpretation of the nature and role of human capital. It is the main strategic resource capable of solving complex problems for the country’s transition to “green economy”. Human capital is considered as a totality of certain personal, social, professional and business skills, as well as an important investment resource, the use of which contributes to the efficiency of production. Considerable attention is devoted to the methodological aspects of the human capital’s study. Despite the importance of the problem of productive use of human capital, the relationship of quality, motivation of personnel and efficiency of its use has not been sufficiently studied, which led to the need of a more detailed study of this issue with the use of sampling, monographic studies and statistical methods for the research of stochastic relations. The study included the following stages: analysis and assessment of the level of development of the human capital of Kazakhstan compared to the developed countries, identification of factors that influence the use of this capital and calculation of strength of their relationship; formation of proposals regarding the accumulation, effective use and further development of human capital in the agricultural sector of the economy.

Keywords: agriculture, human capital, efficiency, Kazakhstan.
JEL Classification: E24, J24, M53, O15, Q13

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