The effect of it-transformation of the country's financial potential during the post-conflict reconstruction

  • Received October 19, 2018;
    Accepted November 29, 2018;
    Published December 4, 2018
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    Volume 7 2018, Issue #3, pp. 15-25
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Over the last five years, Ukraine suffers from armed conflicts that cause substantial losses in the state budget. In this context, shaping the prospects and developing measures for the post-conflict reconstruction of the state and its economy is an important problem. The very possibility and the effectiveness of such measures will depend on the country's financial potential as well as on the financial strength of its entities. This potential is dynamic and influenced by information technology, without which any institution cannot go.
Given the particular significance of the financial potential IT-transformation, the role of digital forms of money, crowdfunding and initial coin offering (ICO) was identified. It is substantiated that while overcoming the consequences of military conflicts, their implementation facilitates the attraction and acceleration of the financial resources movement. By generalizing the developments and practical experience of Ukrainian fintech-companies, the principles of such developments application for assessing the external financial environment of economic entities and conducting financial analysis have been shaped.

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    • Figure 1. Access to electricity throughout the world in 2007–2016, % of population
    • Figure 2. Internet users throughout the world in 2007–2016, % of population
    • Figure 3. Mobile cellular subscribers (per 100 people)
    • Figure 4. Position of e-hryvnia in the post-conflict economic reconstruction
    • Figure 5. Generalized algorithm for attracting funding during the ICO
    • Figure 6. Priority areas of transforming the country's financial potential through the IT introduction in the context of overcoming the military conflict consequences
    • Table 1. Access to electricity in selected post-conflict countries, % of population
    • Table 2. Internet users in selected post-conflict countries, % of population
    • Table 3. Mobile cellular subscribers (per 100 people) in selected post-conflict countries
    • Table 4. Services of domestic fintech companies on improving the assessment of the business financial environment