The efficiency of electronic public procurement system in Ukraine

  • Received September 7, 2018;
    Accepted December 21, 2018;
    Published December 28, 2018
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    Volume 7 2018, Issue #3, pp. 43-55
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Public procurement has been the subject of research for a long time in the work of scientists from both the economically developed countries and those undergoing the transformation of public finances. Their research comes from different points of view, namely from the essence of the definition, the process of their conduct, the problems of the legislative framework to their effective implementation. In addition, the issue of electronic public procurement, which can greatly enhance the transparency of this process and reduce the level of corruption inherent in this area in all countries without any exception, is becoming increasingly relevant in recent times.
Based on the conducted analysis, the article proposes the definition of the term of public procurement, defines the principles of public procurement as a controlled subject in the electronic environment of their conduct, and systematizes the basic indicators characterizing the effectiveness of public procurement. Based on the Granger causality method, an analysis of efficiency was performed and the basic indicators determining the level of savings in the public procurement system were determined. It is established that the use of Granger causality in changing the amount of savings in the system of public procurement gives only a quantitative characteristic. For a more complete picture quantitative analysis is supplemented with qualitative parameters.

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    • Table 1. Principles of public procurement as a controlled subject in an electronic environment
    • Table 2. Key indicators that characterize the efficiency of public procurement
    • Table 3. Results of stationary research on the volume of savings in public procurement and factors that may affect them
    • Table 4. Results of the stationary study of the first differences in the indicators of savings in the public procurement system and the factors that may affect them
    • Table 5. Granger causality study for the indicator of saving public procurement (in the first differences)