Assessment of the social and economic development of a region: essence, methodology and correlation with transparency of local authorities

  • Received December 1, 2019;
    Accepted December 19, 2019;
    Published January 11, 2020
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    Volume 8 2019, Issue #1, pp. 83-93
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The introduction of fiscal policy transparency practices in the contemporary local financial management system is one of the prerequisites for increasing the socio-economic development of regions. Creating a transparent budget environment contributes to a faster and more effective solution to the region’s current problems. The lack of a sufficient level of budgetary transparency is a consequence of poor public interest consideration, which impedes the people’s realization of their own democratic aspirations and freedoms.
The article is aimed at developing scientific and methodological approach to assessing the state of social and economic development of a region and comparing the estimates with the regions’ transparency levels for 2016–2018. Integral assessment of socio-economic development consists of four stages. It has been found out that the level of socio-economic development of regions does not correlate with the transparency level of regional policy. Public finance transparency assessment of Sumy city has shown that its population needs a higher level of information disclosure, use of the latest information channels, and creation of convenient forms of involvement in the budget process. The transparency evaluation results in the areas of budgeting, public procurement, disposal of property of the territorial community, etc. have been investigated. Besides, directions for improving Sumy local authorities’ information policy are proposed to increase its transparency.

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    • Figure 1. An algorithm for integral estimation of the socio-economic development of a region
    • Table 1. Region grouping by the level of socio-economic development for 2016–2018
    • Table 2. Distribution of regions by level of socio-economic development and transparency
    • Table 3. Public finance transparency assessment questionnaire in 2019
    • Table 4. Results of Sumy city transparency assessment for 2017–2019, %