Educational and scientific potential of Zaporizhia region: characteristics and guidelines of its formation


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It is fundamentally important for Ukraine to overcome the imbalance in the development of regions, including Zaporizhzhia region. Its innovative development is possible only through the formation and implementation of educational and scientific potential. Therefore, the article aims to analyze the state of education and science in the Zaporizhzhia region and justify the need to develop a program for their development. The object of research is the educational and scientific potential of Zaporizhzhia region. The analysis of the state of secondary education was carried out based on the results of the independent external evaluation in comparison with the results of the independent external evaluation in the whole country. Thus, it was found out that: a significant proportion of school graduates did not exceed a certain minimum threshold; less than 20% received a high level of assessment (160-200 points) in most subjects; the share of pupils who make IET in such important disciplines as physics, chemistry decreases; the share of tests with high scores in Ukraine is higher than in Zaporizhzhia region. The rating of Zaporizhzhia region according to the state of secondary and professional education is decreased in 2013–2016 from 3rd to 6th place. Changes in the state of higher education concerned a decrease in the number of applicants and the number of institutions. In general, Zaporizhzhia region has a satisfactory innovation potential, but obstacles to its implementation are insufficient funding for research, scientific passivity of young people, as well as a decrease in human resources in the scientific field. The development strategy of the region defines the general directions of development of the education system, but the achievement of its real development requires the specification of measures in the relevant program. The program should pay attention to the modernization of material, technical and educational base of schools, ensuring full staffing of schools with highly professional teachers, improving their skills and material incentives, support and development of STEM education.

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    • Table 1. Динаміка параметрів загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів в Запорізькій області (на початок навчального року)
    • Table 2. Результати зовнішнього незалежного оцінювання учнів Запорізької області у 2016–2019 роках
    • Table 3. Динаміка параметрів професійно-технічних навчальних закладів Запорізької області (на початок навчального року)
    • Table 4. Динаміка параметрів діяльності вищих навчальних закладів Запорізької області (на початок навчального року)
    • Table 5. Динаміка показників діяльності науково-дослідного сектору Запорізької області
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