Gold price risk management through Nova 3 option strategy created by barrier options

  • Published March 4, 2016
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    Volume 13 2016, Issue #1, pp. 49--60
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The paper is focused on selected aspects of the hedging using of Nova 3 option strategy created by barrier options, which are appropriate tools widely used for risk management of high risk underlying assets. Financial risk management using option strategies is an effective solution for limiting the loss from underlying asset’s price development. The Nova 3 option strategy is suitable for hedging against increase in price of the underlying asset in case of its purchase in future. In our approach, European up and knock-in call options together with standard put and barrier put options are used for investigation of hedging strategies in increasing markets. Theoretical models of suitable hedged profit functions in analytical expressions are analyzed also from their benefits and risks point of view. Created combinations of these hedging variants have to meet the requirements of zero-cost option strategy. Based on the own theoretical results, the hedged profit portfolio is applied to SPDR Gold Shares, where due to the lack of data on real barrier option premiums, these were calculated according to Haug model. Designed secured variants through Nova 3 option strategy were analyzed and compared to each other with the recommendations of the best possibilities for investors

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