Methodic tools to optimize marketing expenses of the innovatively active industrial enterprises in Ukraine

  • Published March 2, 2016
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    Volume 14 2016, Issue #1 , pp. 44-50

The efficient sales policy of the machine building innovatively active enterprises is connected with its rational process financing. Optimal determination of innovative production distribution expenses is top-priority element to increase economic subject’s activity profitability and to increase its competitive positions at the market. Thus, planning of costs for innovatively active machine building enterprises sales has to be based on economic and rationally adaptive mathematic tools to industrial enterprises activity specific.
Practical implementation of the mentioned task is possible owing to economic and mathematic model to plan costs for innovatively active enterprises production, which preconditions urgency of the given research. Besides the tools investigation is also urgent and it allows to foresee future expenses amounts for sales, demand for production and profit of the innovatively active industrial enterprise, behavior in future depending on market situation.
The article deals with scientific and methodic approach to optimize distribution expenses of the innovatively active industrial enterprises in Ukraine. Economic and mathematic modeling methods allowed to formalize models to plan distribution expenses of innovatively active enterprise, demand and profits, that is prerequisite to form prognostications by proper directions.
Practical implementation of the suggested scientific and methodic approach on the example of machine building enterprise in Ukraine results in confirmation of models correspondence and establishment of inefficiency to distinguish expenses. It gives evidence about necessity to optimize expenses of enterprise and to introduce active managerial decisions concerning its activity profitability growth

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