Book publishing information

LLC “СPС “Business Perspectives” affords an opportunity to publish scientific books and monographs. We offer such book publishing services as:

  • Lead out. We will make efforts to present your book in the best style and format.
  • Editing. Our editors will help improve usage of English in a book before its publication.
  • Proof-reading. We correct grammatical and syntactical errors in the text, being prepared for publication.
  • Text and cover design.
  • Obtaining ISBN for your book.
  • Book production and selling.

Please pay attention that we also consider monographs for publication as a specialist work written on a single subject or an aspect of a subject by a single author or group of authors. Items which impact the book production cost discussed with an Author are as follows: pictures' color (black-and-white or in color), their quantity, bookbinding quality, type of cover (hard-cover book or paperback). After clarification of the points mentioned, Author will receive feedback with pricing offers. Please inform us about number of copies needed, preference in regards of printing format, font and its size, cover design and time limits of publication. Ideas and propositions on publishing books and monographs are accepted at .