CEO of LLC “Business Perspectives” took part in a COPE workshop - Core Practices

December 02, 2022

On November 29, Liudmyla Ostapenko (CEO at LLC “Business Perspectives”, COPE member) took part in a COPE workshop based on Core Practices. Those Core Practices were presented and for each of them examples of challenging cases were discussed interactively with participants. 

The workshop was chaired by Dr. Howard Browman, member of the COPE Council and the COPE Trustee Board, and Principal Research Scientist at the Institute of Marine Research. Workshop co-leader - Matt Hodgkinson, member of the COPE Council and Research Integrity Manager at the UK Research Integrity Office.

photo 2022 12 02 01

photo 2022 12 02 03

The workshop was very informative and many interesting and challenging COPE cases were discussed. It is very important for the team of journals and editors to follow the principles of publication ethics.