The publishing company Business Perspectives is twenty years old

April 10, 2023


Pretty decent age for a small organization. There were many challenges and crises during this time: a lack of investment during the formative years, several relocations, tough attacks from unscrupulous competitors, mastering the best publishing practices, searching for ways to develop, etc.
All these difficulties were successfully overcome thanks to a united and cohesive team. Currently, this small Ukrainian company is the founder and publisher of 12 international scientific journals, 8 of which are indexed by Scopus and WoS. All of these journals carry the DOAJ quality seal, and Business Perspectives itself is a member of COPE and OASPA.
The biggest and most terrible test for the company was the unprovoked, senseless, vile and cruel war of russia against Ukraine. The company, which was created and operates in the city of Sumy, which is 30 km from the border with the aggressor, already on the first day felt the whole hell of the war days. How to organize the editorial and publishing processes, how to provide electricity and the Internet, how to make payments, and how to pay salaries... Due to the occupation and the threat to life, team members are now working from England, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and, of course, from the city of Sumy. The company remains true to its goals and seeks to gather again in the native city as soon as possible, under the peaceful Ukrainian sky. Glory to Ukraine, its indomitable people and its armed forces.