Definition and parameter analysis of the accumulative pension system

  • Published March 31, 2017
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    Volume 14 2017, Issue #1, pp. 124-133
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The article studies the parameters of the accumulative pension system, particularly, the rate of contribution into the accumulative system, contribution period of the system’s participants, the coefficient of replacement of the salary with pension after the retirement, the number of years of the future pension payments, alternatives of profitability of the funds accumulated by the system. The structure of the accumulative system is based on the methods and models of determining the parameters during the period of accumulation of resources after the retirement of the participant. The calculations are based on a variant basis. There are 6 interconnected parameters of the system’s determination. The author has carried out formalization of determining the system’s indicators and variant calculations. The most realistic for Ukraine is the introduction of accumulative system with the following parameters: contribution ‒ 14% of salary (or preferably of income); contribution period ‒ 35 years with the retirement of men at the age of 65 and women at the age of 60; the percentage of return on the savings ‒ 3%. That is, in this case, the accumulation system will provide a pension with the income-replacement ratio of 0.6 over 18.4 years.

The model can be used at the state level (when determining the rate of contribution into the accumulation system, the contribution period and the income-replacement ratio with the fixation of other parameters) and by the system’s participants (when determining the number of years using the accumulated pension, the income-replacement ratio and monitoring one’s own resources).

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    • Fig. 1. Dynamics of the rates of return with different percentage yields of the accumulative system’s funds
    • Fig. 2. Dependence of the volumes of accumulation of funds on the percentage yield
    • Fig. 3. The dynamics of parameters of the accumulative system according to the variants of accumulation and spending of funds
    • Table 1. Matrix of the rates of return from the funds of the accumulative system
    • Table 2. The amount of accumulated funds in the accumulative pension system
    • Table 3. Matrix of parameters for the use of funds of the accumulative pension system
    • Table 4. Variants of interdependent parameters for the accumulation and use of the accumulative system’s funds