Modern tendencies of the Ukrainian banking system development

  • Received September 21, 2017;
    Accepted October 30, 2017;
    Published November 29, 2017
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    Volume 12 2017, Issue #4, pp. 105-113
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The article considers the main tendencies of financial globalization as an all-encompassing process of the world community transformation into an open integrated system of information-technological, financial-economic, socio-political, and socio-cultural interrelations and interdependencies, as well as dialectical interaction of national and global social processes. The main current trends of the Ukrainian banking system development for the period 2016–2017 were researched, which was expressed in accelerating lending to businesses and the population; a key interest rate cut by the National Bank of Ukraine, which creates positive conditions for improving the economy, reducing interest rates on deposits, increasing retail lending and portfolio growth loans to individuals. The Ukrainian banking system is gradually integrated into the international banking system and forms its development pattern in the way of integration processes, taking into account the complexities of the external financial environment.

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    • Figure 1. Number of operating banks of Ukraine in 2016–September 2017
    • Figure 2. Number of operating banks with foreign capital in Ukraine in 2016–September 2017
    • Figure 3. Incomes, expenses and profits of Ukrainian banks in 2016
    • Figure 4. The share of non-working bank loans in 01.02.2017–01.09.2017 (in %)
    • Figure 5. The share of non-working loans in PJSC CB “Privatbank” and without it in 1.02.2017–1.09.2017
    • Figure 6. The share of non-working loans of foreign banking groups, banks with private capital and insolvent banks in 1.02.2017–1.09.2017