Productive efficiency of banks in ASEAN countries

  • Received February 1, 2017;
    Accepted March 12, 2017;
    Published June 27, 2017
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    Volume 12 2017, Issue #2, pp. 91-99
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This study examines the determinants of productive efficiency of banks operating in 8 member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). This study uses the economic theory approach to examine the existence of economies of scale on the ASEAN banking market, especially its impact on cost efficiency. The author applies a concept of average cost (AC) as a proxy for the productive efficiency. He finds that economies of scale exist on the banking market and economies of scale and scope should be considered in the industrial policy. Stronger capital position is also positive to banks’ efficiency and means that stronger capitalized banks are more efficient. Bank that remunerates better tends to be more efficient as a result of economic capital effect.

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    • Fig. 1. Profit maximization under neoclassical economics
    • Fig. 2. The varieties of cost of production
    • Fig. 3. Research framework
    • Table 1. Variables and sources of data
    • Table 2. Hypotheses relationship between productive efficiency (TAC) and predictors
    • Table 3. Data description
    • Table 4. Correlation among variables
    • Table 5. Regression result