The role of top management support and effective communication on succession planning effectiveness: An empirical study of Omani civil service organizations


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Succession planning is vital to protecting any organization’s growth, development, and survival. While a good organizational strategy intends to ensure growth and strong management provides profitability, only an effective succession plan can make organizations sustainable. Top management support and effective communication are considered among the dominant factors that impact the effectiveness of succession planning. This study aims to investigate the impact of top management support and effective communication on the effectiveness of succession planning implementation in civil service organizations in the Sultanate of Oman. A survey was adopted based on the research objectives and administered to 160 employees from civil service organizations in Oman. Random purposive sampling was implemented due to its effectiveness in obtaining a representative sample for this study. Descriptive and inferential statistics, including mean, standard deviation, correlations, and regression analysis, were applied using SPSS software. The findings revealed that most participants considered the current succession planning and talent development practices ineffective in preparing talents for future needs in Oman. Moreover, the results demonstrated that effective communication has a positive and significant impact on succession planning effectiveness. Surprisingly, top management support and succession planning effectiveness are positive but insignificant. Finally, effective communication and support from top management through the succession planning stages are required to achieve the targeted objectives of the plans.

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    • Figure 1. Research framework
    • Table 1. Reliability and validity analysis
    • Table 2. Measurement items
    • Table 3. Demographics of survey participants
    • Table 4. Descriptive statistics for the succession planning effectiveness items
    • Table 5. Descriptive statistics for the top management support items
    • Table 6. Descriptive statistics for the effective communication of succession planning items
    • Table 7. Mean and SD values
    • Table 8. Inter-relation coefficient results for the study variables
    • Table 9. Multiple regression results for the effect of the study factors on the effectiveness of succession planning implementation
    • Conceptualization
      Abdullah Al Jahwari, Mohd Nur Ruzainy Alwi
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      Abdullah Al Jahwari
    • Formal Analysis
      Abdullah Al Jahwari
    • Investigation
      Abdullah Al Jahwari, Mohd Nur Ruzainy Alwi
    • Methodology
      Abdullah Al Jahwari, Mohd Nur Ruzainy Alwi
    • Resources
      Abdullah Al Jahwari
    • Software
      Abdullah Al Jahwari
    • Writing – original draft
      Abdullah Al Jahwari
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      Mohd Nur Ruzainy Alwi
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      Mohd Nur Ruzainy Alwi
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