The relationship between e-CRM and customer loyalty: a Kenyan Commercial Bank case study


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Since customer loyalty is key, especially in the highly competitive commercial banking environment, this article evaluated the effects of features of electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) on customer loyalty. Using a cross-sectional survey design, data were collected from a convenience sample of customers of a major international Kenyan bank using self-administered questionnaires. The findings based on correlation and multiple regression analyses, revealed that pre-service, during (the) service and post transactional e-CRM features have a positive and significant relationship with loyalty, and that the pre-service and during service features significantly predict loyalty. Thus, enhancing e-CRM practices could be a strategic competitive tool to impact the banks’ relationship with their customers.

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    • Fig. 1. Conceptual model
    • Fig. 2. Scatter plot: pre-service e-CRM and customer loyalty
    • Fig. 3. Scatter plot graph: during service e-CRM and customer loyalty
    • Table 1. Bio data of the respondents
    • Table 2. Tests of normality
    • Table 3. Correlation matrix of research variables
    • Table 4. Tolerance and Variance Inflation Factor (VIF) Statistics
    • Table 5. Coefficient outputs: e-CRM and customer loyalty