Actual problems of development of the banking sector in the economy of Kazakhstan


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The article deals with topical issues to develop the banking sector in Kazakhstan as their condition assessment, weaknesses, strengths, problems and basic ways of development of Kazakhstan’s second-tier banks in the current environment, these issues are discussed in this article and determine the relevance of the material presented. The need to address the main problems in the development of the banking sector is due to the fact that it is represented as a fundamental element of the financial system. Moreover, under the modern conditions, it is subject to the impact of financial globalization, crisis phenomena in the world economy, the growth of uncertainty in the world financial market, which determines a number of negative consequences for the stable development of banking activities. Effective functioning of the banking system allows ensuring the sustainable economic development of any state, as the banking sector participates in the redistribution of funds and financing of the real sector of the country’s economy. At the present stage of the development, the issues of dealing with the key problems of the development of the banking sector acquire special relevance on a global scale, since the financial crisis has revealed the shortcomings of the current system of banking regulation and supervision. In this regard, in the crisis conditions, the state intervention in regulation of banking activities has intensified, the role of risk management in commercial banks has increased, the requirements to the bank’s capital, and the quality of assets has increased. Volatility and instability of the world financial markets require the search for new approaches in the implementation of banking activities to maintain sustainable development, increase margins in the banking business, which determines the relevance of this study. The main results of the research show the influence of external and internal factors that inhibit the development of banking activity.

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    • Figure 1. Analysis of changes in GDP in bln KZT, the ratio of loans to GDP and loans in the real sector, % in 10-year period in the Republic of Kazakhstan
    • Figure 2. Inflation assessment in 2004‒2015
    • Figure 3. Analysis of bank deposits
    • Table 1. The structure of the banking sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    • Table 2. An analysis of the growth in the number of second-tier banks in Kazakhstan
    • Table 3. Analysis of the state of the banking system in Kazakhstan
    • Table 4. Economic assessment of Kazakhstan bank ranking in the context of asset on January 1, 2016
    • Table 5. Analysis of top 5 banks in terms of assets and loan portfolio
    • Table 6. Average weighted rate on loans to banks in the context of industrial sectors, %