Special aspects of the banking institutions rating: a case for Ukraine

  • Received July 18, 2018;
    Accepted July 16, 2019;
    Published August 28, 2019
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    Volume 14 2019, Issue #3, pp. 48-63
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In today’s rapidly changing global financial market, potential counterparties are in dire need of reliable and timely information on the partner bank performance in order to find the most successful one in terms of conducting credit and deposit transactions. Public ratings of banks serve to solve this problem and are considered as one of the effective tools for choosing such a bank. In Ukraine, the rating of banking institutions is not widely used by business entities because of the imperfect methodology of analysis of banks, a rating process that is closed to the public, the assignment of an unreliable rating to selected banks, the use of obtained ratings by banks for marketing purposes, etc. Therefore, the purpose of the study is to improve the existing rating systems for Ukrainian environment. International and domestic regulatory documents on rating, data of the National Bank of Ukraine and commercial banks, materials of rating agencies, as well as scientific publications of well-known Ukrainian and foreign scientists made the theoretical basis of the study. It is proposed to take a number of priority measures to legislatively regulate the activities of bodies for rating scores of banking institutions, to create a branched infrastructure of the rating market and to establish effective interaction of its participants, to end demonopolization and weaken entry barriers and to introduce new agencies in the rating market, to identify new rating methodologies. The conclusions are aimed at the development of a civilized and transparent rating business in Ukraine, which will ultimately contribute to the timely detection and neutralization of crisis phenomena in the banking sector, restoring confidence between banks and their clients, creating the preconditions for making sound business decisions.

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    • Figure 1. General rating scheme of commercial banks
    • Table 1. Advantages and disadvantages of rating systems for evaluating the performance of commercial banks in Ukraine
    • Table 2. Peculiarities, rating scale, advantages and disadvantages of international rating agencies’ rating systems
    • Table 3. Specific features of rating systems for evaluating banking institutions’ performance in the world’s leading countries