Peculiarities of the institutional blocks of the Ukrainian higher education system in the conditions of economic transformation

  • Received September 2, 2019;
    Accepted September 19, 2019;
    Published December 6, 2019
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    Volume 17 2019, Issue #3, pp. 54-67
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Problems of influence of informatization and globalization processes on all the components of human economic activity and, accordingly, on a fundamental and rapid change in the requirements for educational and qualification characteristics of the specialists involved in the production of goods and services in general, and the mechanisms and instruments of providing educational services themselves, in particular, are quite rightly the focus of the researchers. Such a structural change of the national economy necessitated a substantial correction of the Ukrainian higher education system. Аs a result of the study, the influence of socio-cultural factors on the organization of institutional support of the Ukrainian educational space is revealed. The specific features of the institutional structure of the higher education system of Ukraine are highlighted and discussed. Based on a comparative approach, the article presents an analysis of the institutional blocks of the higher education system. The content of transformations in the mechanisms of structural and functional complementarity of institutional elements of the higher education system of Ukraine is revealed, namely the maintenance of structural complementarity of elements of the institutional system in the sphere of industrial relations is revealed, the peculiarities of the institutional block of financing are analyzed, the specifics of the institutional block of corporate governance is determined, the content of the institutional block of production models is revealed, the peculiarities of the training of the teaching staff of the higher education institution within the institutional block “training, preparation, and advanced training” are determined. The understanding of the transformation in the process of economic globalization of the role and importance of higher education systems as a key tool for ensuring the entry of the national economy into the nucleus, proto-periphery or periphery (orientation to knowledge transfer) of the capitalist world-system was improved.

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    • Table 1. Розподіл витрат на освіту за фінансуючими організаціями та провайдерами (постачальниками послуг) (2017 рік)
    • Table 2. Динаміка розподілу студентів ЗВО України за рівнями Міжнародної стандартної класифікації освіти МСКО 2011 (осіб)
    • Table 3. Наукові ступені та учені звання викладацького складу університетів, академій, інститутів на почато 2018/19 навчального року за регіонами (осіб)