Implementation of multithreaded calculations in educational web applications


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The complication of the logic of educational web applications raises the issue of the effectiveness of the organization of their implementation. At the same time, efficiency, including pedagogical one, is connected among other factors with the technology of implementation of programs. When using as the main browser program, it is necessary to take into account its features, in particular, one-flow mode of execution of programs (scripts). Implementation of more complex algorithms in web applications delays the response of the application interface to user actions. This creates a discomfort for the user and, as a result, reduces the effectiveness of his work. Expanding the range of devices from which users access the Internet leads to the fact that mobile devices are more and more often used for learning as well. Therefore, another side of the problem is the impact on the quality of connection to the server. It is necessary to ensure the work of the program in case of interruptions in connection or reduce their impact. A solution to the problem may be the implementation of part of the calculations in the background. The article deals with the use of calculations in the background streams of the browser and caching control for educational web applications. Various ways of creating such streams and the peculiarities of their use are analyzed.

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    • Figure 1. Схема взаємодії виділених потоків
    • Figure 1. Взаємодія потоків при спільному фоновому потоці