Estimate of synthesized capital application in regional development strategy formation


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The analysis of strategic potential for development strategy aimed at the effective use of synthesized capital is fundamental to solving the urgent problems of increasing the well-being of the population and promoting economic growth. Given the analysis of existing approaches on the principles of consistency and complicity, a system of indicators was developed to assess the components of the region’s strategic potential: investment capital, innovation capital, infrastructural capital, entrepreneurial capital, ecological capital has been developed. The author proposed groups of indicators of human capital, intellectual capital and social capital of the synthesized capital that directly affect the identification of territorial capabilities and allow to create an effective development strategy. Using these indicators, it is possible to carry out component-wise and overall assessment of strategic potential in the effective use of synthesized capital of the region. The author’s methodology of strategic potential analysis is proposed, which can be used to assess the strategic potential of the region and to determine the effectiveness of using the resource support of socio-economic system. Region’s strategic component objective assessment presupposes evaluation in dynamics and under the conditions of capacity buildup. Region’s strategic potential development is based on the dynamic evaluation of strategic potential. For the justification of forecast data for groups of indicators of strategic potential for future periods it is possible to use modern software products that allow using methods of econometric analysis to process statistics and predict them based on given sample.

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    • Figure 1. The stages of analysis and estimation of the region’s potential
    • Table 1. The approaches to synthesized capital components analysis
    • Table 2. The system of synthesized capital appraisal ratios as a component of the region’s strategic potential
    • Table 3. The system of the region’s strategic potential appraisal ratios