Analysis of the enterprise`s readiness to implement modern tools of corporate culture development

  • Received May 28, 2020;
    Accepted August 11, 2020;
    Published February 22, 2021
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    Volume 18 2020, Issue #4, pp. 1-9

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Corporate culture is a unique attribute of the enterprise that positively affects the socio-economic results of its activity and develops under the influence of external and internal factors. The paper suggests a group of factors influencing corporate culture that determine the effectiveness and speed of its development. This group includes the level of competence of HR managers; the level of influence on staff of formal and informal leaders and their attitude to changes; the presence of cultural bugs, the attitude of the existing culture to changes, the degree of hierarchy, the speed of communication channels, the level of staff satisfaction with the situation, the presence of feedback. An analysis of global trends of enterprises’ corporate culture development allowed formulating the following areas of its improvement for the domestic enterprises: formation of a passionate employee, ensuring a balance between work and personal life, an individual approach to personal development and the effectiveness of staff activities, the organization of a virtual office, diversification as a part of teams, and reduction of hierarchy levels. The assessment of the domestic enterprises readiness to implement measures in the framework of the identified areas indicates that the most enterprises are ready to introduce modern tools for the development of corporate culture. At the same time, the necessity was revealed to introduce the individual approach to identify areas for improving professional skills and ensuring a balance between work and personal life of employees.

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    • Table 1. Якісна інтерпретація показника готовності підприємства до впровадження інноваційних заходів з розвитку корпоративної культури
    • Table 2. Оцінка готовності ПАТ «Харківміськгаз» до впровадження інноваційних заходів з розвитку корпоративної культури
    • Table 3. Оцінка готовності підприємств Харківського регіону до реалізації заходів з розвитку корпоративної культури за основними світовими тенденціями
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      Hanna Veretennykova
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      Hanna Veretennykova
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      Hanna Veretennykova
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