Trends of structural dynamic changes in retail trade

  • Received June 25, 2018;
    Accepted September 18, 2018;
    Published December 6, 2018
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    Volume 17 2018, Issue #3, pp. 64-73
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The article is devoted to the presentation of structural shifts, factors and trends of dynamic changes in retail trade, taking into account, above all, institutional changes. The main theories explaining changes in retail trade are analyzed. The shift in the balance of power in the distribution channels from the manufacturer to the retailer is shown, and the tendency of increasing the number of supermarkets and hypermarkets is presented. It was found that there is a gradual takeover by large retail chains of small retail operators and the growth of the role of supermarkets and hypermarkets, as evidenced by the increase in the trading floor area of the stores of the indicated trade formats. The main features of different types of stores are systematized and the advantages and disadvantages of strategies for the development of retail objects - small operators and large chain stores. It is established that small independent retail operators lose a significant market share. Constant consolidation of retail operators, as well as increased competition in retail markets, force retailers to look for new ways to grow their business. The positions of retail operators in the rating of the largest enterprises of Ukraine for 2016 are analyzed and it is established that among operators of retail trade the operators that sell food products are the most dynamically developing. Generalized tendencies of structural shifts in retail trade according to theories of institutional changes and certain stages on which the largest retail operators of Ukraine are located. It is determined that the market of goods and services becomes more consolidated and concentrated and requires the formation of an adequate dynamic organizational structure of management, transformation of marketing functions, adaptation to a complex modern environment.

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    • Рисунок 1. Динаміка ВВП України за 2010–2017 рр.
    • Рисунок 2. Географічний розподіл знаходження продуктових роздрібних мереж
    • Таблиця 1. Основні показники роздрібної торгівлі України за 2007–2017 роки
    • Таблиця 2. Відмінні риси різних видів магазинів
    • Таблиця 3. Позиції операторів роздрібної торгівлі у рейтингу найбільших підприємств України за 2016 рік
    • Таблиця 4. Розповсюдженість торгових мереж України
    • Таблиця 5. Тенденції структурних зрушень роздрібної торгівлі згідно теорій інституціональних змін