External environmental considerations in the planning of strategies of car dealerships


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This paper focuses on the external environmental factors that have an impact on the planning of organizational strategies from car dealerships perspective. The paper argues, that the organization`s failure to consider and analyze external environmental factors could render strategies, particularly, marketing communication strategies and campaigns ineffective. It is pertinent to note that the external environmental factors of consideration during the environmental analysis may vary amongst different industries and sectors of the economy. In effective planning of strategies organizations, including car dealerships, in theory are expected to conduct external environmental analysis with more emphasis on market and macro-environments. The purpose of this paper is to test this theory by exploring on market and macro environmental factors that are of consideration in planning marketing communication strategies and campaigns of car dealerships in practice. In order to achieve the purpose of the paper, a qualitative research approach using semi-structured in-depth interviews with marketing personnel of different car dealerships in Gauteng, South Africa was implemented. The paper utilizes a qualitative content analysis in analyzing primary data using Atlas ti version 7 computer software. The results revealed that the economic, season factors and technological advances that might lead to environmental conservation and the target audiences serve as key factors of consideration in the external environment during the planning of marketing communication strategies and campaigns. The results of this paper can be used as a basis for recommendations to stakeholders in the motor vehicle industry. Finally, future research directions are provided.

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