Psychological aspects of social security in Ukraine

  • Received May 9, 2019;
    Accepted June 27, 2019;
    Published August 7, 2019
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    Volume 18 2019, Issue #2, pp. 41-48
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Negative trends in the social sphere and the social problems that exist because of this lead to a sharpening of state national security issues. At the same time, domestic and foreign scholars do not pay sufficient attention to the psychological component of social security, which characterizes the subjective assessment of the state of the social sphere development by the population. This very aspect of social security has become a basis for the formulation of the research goal as an analysis of the state of social security of Ukraine in a regional context in accordance with the system of indicators taking into account the psychological component. The main methods of the investigation are analysis, synthesis, comparative analysis, cluster analysis method. The practical result is the definition of the main components of national security, special attention is paid to the analysis of the interpretation of the definition of “social security” by domestic scientists. The expediency of allocating the psychological component of social security has been substantiated. The list of social security indicators has defined in accordance with the methodological recommendations for calculating the level of economic security of Ukraine, namely: the ratio of nominal wages to the subsistence minimum per working age person; the ratio of the size of the labor pension to the subsistence minimum of the disabled persons; the number of HIV-infected persons with the first diagnosis, persons per 100 thousand people); the number of patients with active tuberculosis with the first diagnosis, persons per 100 thousand people; level of crime. The so-called indexes of social tension have been added to this list, which take into account the psychological aspect of the population of the state, namely: arrears of wages; the level of payment by the population of housing and communal services; the level of registered unemployment; the number of employees who were in forced full-time employment. A cluster analysis of the regions of Ukraine has carried out on the basis of the listed social security indicators, which resulted in the definition of regions with high indicators of social security, namely: Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv, Luhansk, Odesa and Kharkiv regions.

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    • Figure 1. Результати кластеризації регіонів за індикаторами соціальної безпеки методом Уорда у 2018 році
    • Figure 2. Графік кластерних середніх індикаторів соціальної безпеки регіонів України у 2018 році за методом k-середніх
    • Table 1. Дослідження трактовок дефініції «соціальна безпека» вітчизняними та закордонними авторами
    • Table 2. Вихідні дані для кластерного аналізу регіонів України
    • Table 3. Результати кластерного аналізу регіонів України на індикаторами соціальної безпеки у 2018 році