The innovative activity of enterprises and national economy growth: Ukraine, Poland

  • Received March 17, 2020;
    Accepted June 4, 2020;
    Published June 19, 2020
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    Volume 19 2020, Issue #2, pp. 22-32
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In the contemporary world, the sustainable development of national economies is impossible without the timely and high-quality implementation of innovation. The prompt use of innovations is considered to be the key to obtaining and maintaining both new and existing competitive advantages of both individual enterprises and the economy in general. This study aims to determine the dependence of national economic growth (based on the example of Ukraine and Poland) on the innovative activities of enterprises and innovative policies of governments, as well as the development of the improvement offers concerning the innovative policy of Ukraine based on international experience. The impact of innovation indicators on the level of GDP per capita in Ukraine and Poland over the period from 2000 to 2018 has been studied in the article. The most important factors of influence on the GDP per capita, through multivariate statistical analysis and regression analysis, were identified from the list of indicators of innovation activity, and the regression equation was constructed. For Ukraine, such factors are the “innovativeness of enterprises” (that explains the 34.19% of total dispersion), the “innovative inputs” (that explains the 17.11% of dispersion) factors and factor of “financing and implementation of innovations” (that explains 27.8% of the total dispersion). For Poland, the factor of “innovative activity” explains 44.35% of dispersion, and the factor of “innovative actions” explains 38.47% of total dispersion. Moreover, the suggestions involving innovation policy development of Ukraine are provided.

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    • Figure 1. Глобальний інноваційний індекс в 2019 р.
    • Figure 2. Рівень інноваційного розвитку держав за Європейським інноваційним таблом, 2018 р.
    • Figure 3. Витрати на НДДКР в відсотках до ВВП
    • Figure 4. Результати аналізу показників інноваційної діяльності підприємств України за 2000–2018 рр. методом головних компонент
    • Figure 5. Графік кам’янистій осипи
    • Figure 6. Результати регресійного аналізу
    • Figure 7. Результати аналізу показників інноваційної діяльності підприємств методом головних компонент
    • Figure 8. Результати регресійного аналізу (Польща)
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      Viktoriia Tomakh
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      Viktoriia Tomakh
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      Viktoriia Tomakh
    • Data curation
      Hanna Veretennykova
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