The impact of environmental PR on product consumption

  • Received March 2, 2020;
    Accepted April 7, 2020;
    Published June 19, 2020
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    Volume 19 2020, Issue #2, pp. 13-21
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The article argues that modern media and public relations play a significant role in addressing environmental issues. It is shown that in order to create favorable conditions for the implementation of ecological PR, it is necessary to take into account the relations not only between the enterprises and their target audiences but also between the subjects of environmental PR. It is proved that carrying out environmental PR is possible with the use of РR-tools, which can be various, depending on measures, such as publications in mass media; events for journalists; environmental measures; social-environmental advertising. Based on generalized literature sources, it has been proved that modern market relations for the support of socially responsible businesses require the use of such aspects of motivation during environmental PR that shape the consumer with a caring attitude to the environment and their health. It is proved that along with the production of environmentally friendly products, the opposite phenomenon is observed – greenwashing. Therefore, examples of social responsibility of enterprises that carry out environmental PR and are responsible for ecological problems form social responsibility for environmental protection for all market participants.

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    • Figure 1. Subjects of the environmental PR
    • Table 1. Basic PR-tools that can be used for environmental PR
    • Table 2. Methods that include green PR
    • Table 3. Aspects of consumer motivation for environmental PR
    • Conceptualization
      Olga Zyma
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      Olga Zyma, Maria Golub
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      Olga Zyma
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      Olga Zyma, Maria Golub
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      Olga Zyma, Ryszard Stefanski, Maria Golub
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      Olga Zyma, Ryszard Stefanski, Maria Golub
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      Olga Zyma, Maria Golub
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      Olga Zyma
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      Olga Zyma, Ryszard Stefanski, Maria Golub
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