Stimulation of effective ecological and economic interactions in the process of business environment creation

  • Received March 7, 2017;
    Accepted May 5, 2017;
    Published June 14, 2017
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    Volume 8 2017, Issue #2, pp. 57-66
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The article substantiates the necessity of introducing a new national framework document that would outline strategic directions for long-term development of Ukraine and facilitate the integration of sustainable development into the national plans, strategies and programs. It provides recommendations concerning the projection of business environment taking into account environmental and economic constraints and green technologies in Ukraine, as well as the use of economic and mathematical modeling. It offers the introduction of ecological and economic projects to enhance control and responsibility for the implementation of the planned measures on all levels, constant examination of the current legislation regarding its compliance with the principles of sustainable development; active use of public examination and independent audit; ensuring continuous dialogue between representatives of business and society.

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    • Table 1. Estimates of indicators characterizing ecological and economic interactions within the Strategy 2030
    • Table 2. Indicators of “green growth” of Ukraine in 2010–2015