Exploratory results of green production, sale, willing to pay and financing: case of Bangladesh

  • Received April 3, 2017;
    Accepted June 8, 2017;
    Published August 23, 2017
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    Volume 8 2017, Issue #3, pp. 8-17
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Green production, sale, willing to pay and financing are related to green business. Bangladesh, a developing country in South Asia, is the most fertile delta region and identified as one of the front-line countries to suffer from the adverse consequences of climate change. Research question of the study is limited to examining several relationships related to green business production, sale, and willingness to pay. Primary data were utilized to test the hypothesized relationships. Based on the literature review, several conceptual relationships are presented and empirically tested. Findings conclude that production and sale of green products were related to the plan to produce and sell green products in Bangladesh. Consumers who are environmentally sensitive are willing to pay premium prices for green products and purchase these products frequently. Paper recommends that government, civil society organizations and the financial institutions should take a more active role in promoting and encouraging businesses to produce and market green products. Authors suggest that the government should provide incentives to set up community banking in the rural areas including informal sector, micro savings, and investment through green financing, for green production, green transportation and green consumption.

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    • Fig. 1. Relationship of business plan to actual production of green products
    • Fig. 2. Relations of purchase type to willingness to pay higher prices for green products
    • Fig. 3. Proposed model of inclusive green economy
    • Table 1. Null hypotheses
    • Table 2. Cross tabulation: relation between plan to produce green products with actual production and sale of green products
    • Table 3. Chi-Square tests related the cross tabulation shown in Table 2
    • Table 4. Cross tabulation: relation between purchase type and willingness to pay higher price for green products
    • Table 5. KMO and Bartlett’s tests
    • Table 6. Total variance explained
    • Table 7. Rotated component matrix
    • Table 8. Opinion of the stakeholders regarding government support to green product