Employing social media websites and its role in determining the targeted audience for marketing within cloth manufacturing sector in Jordan

  • Received July 21, 2017;
    Accepted August 21, 2017;
    Published September 8, 2017
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    Volume 13 2017, Issue #2, pp. 47-55
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Technology and internet is taking a huge chunk of our lives. Nowadays almost every activity we do can be done through the internet. Organizations are running their business through the means of technology and internet, many successful organization are running their business and managing their marketing plans through the social media website. The current research study seeks to examine the role of employing social media in marketing to reach the targeted audience within cloth manufacturing sector in Jordan. Through employing a questionnaire and distributing it on (444) consumers from different markets, malls and commercial complexes; the results of the study indicated that trust and content are the most influential factors which enable the organization to reach its target audience. However, the study recommends to carry out a research on how an organization can increase the equity of its brand through social media.

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    • Fig.1. Model of the study
    • Table 1. Gender
    • Table 2. Age
    • Table 3. Educational level
    • Table 4. Descriptive statistics
    • Table 5. One-sample statistics
    • Table 6. One-sample test
    • Table 7. One-sample statistics
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    • Table 11. One-sample statistics
    • Table 12. One-sample test
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    • Table 14. One-sample test
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    • Table 16. One-sample test