Formation interaction and adaptive use of purposive forms of cooperation of university and enterprise structures

  • Received November 2, 2018;
    Accepted December 6, 2018;
    Published December 8, 2018
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    Volume 14 2018, Issue #3, pp. 44-56
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Addressing the imbalance between the existing demand for graduates of higher education institutions is aimed at strengthening the processes of integrating the education system with the business. At the same time, issues related to the system of forming and determining the appropriate forms and types of partnership between universities and business in Ukraine are becoming more urgent. That’s why the purpose of this study is to develop a methodical approach to the formation and adaptive use of forms of such interaction. A comparative marketing analysis of the national and world experience of the forms and methods of interaction between educational institutions and business is carried out. A methodical approach to the formation of interaction between higher education institutions and the business has been proposed. The directions and types of public private тpartnership in education are formed, the basis of which is the distribution of rights, responsibilities and risks between the partners of the relations. Depending on the changes in the external conditions of marketing functioning, there is a list of standard (universal) forms of interaction between universities and the business environment that make up the invariant core of such interaction and innovation-active (specific) forms that arise in connection with the expansion of university autonomy. The three-component model of the choice of the form of interaction between higher educational institutions and the business structures in Ukraine is proposed, which allows choosing the form that will be optimal considering the existing conditions.

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    • Figure 1. Classification of partnership mechanisms in the field of education
    • Figure 2. Methodological approach to the formation of interaction and adaptive use of appropriate forms of cooperation IHE and business
    • Figure 3. Prospects for the formation of interaction between IHE and business
    • Figure 4. Types of standard and innovative forms of interaction between IHE and business in Ukraine
    • Figure 5. Three-component model for choosing the form of interaction between the university and business
    • Table 1. Principles of the interaction of IHE and business
    • Table 2. Areas and types of interactions between university and business