Hospitality in the image of small family accommodation businesses


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Small and micro businesses form the largest group of entities offering services to tourists in tourist destinations. A majority of them are family businesses accommodation facilities. The study tests the hypothesis that the family nature of a business offering accommodation services can be a source of real competitive advantage being of significance for a certain group of clients. The advantage can be shaped by creating an image based on the owner’s involvement and hospitality. As the literature research indicated, in the case of the businesses described, it is relatively easy to develop a bond between the facility’s manager and their clients. The deliberations were extended by an empirical study conducted on a group of young people from Poland and Ukraine. Its results have indicated that accommodation services are significant elements of the satisfaction among the clients surveyed, and that in the group surveyed, the key reason for a trip is the intention to “experience and learn” and not comfort. It has also been confirmed that the determinants of accommodation services related to broadly defined hospitality are significant, however, not key in the group analyzed.

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    • Figure 1. A model of creating value for tourists
    • Table 1. Respondents’ characteristics
    • Table 2. The most frequently used facilities offering accommodation services
    • Table 3. Reasons for tourist trips
    • Table 4. Determinants of selecting a facility offering accommodation services
    • Table 5. Determinants of a possibility of returning to a given accommodation facility
    • Table 6. Assessment of factors impacting on the satisfaction with the trip