The effect of Lithuanian household income on the choice of non-formal education of children through sports and related costs

  • Received January 1, 2020;
    Accepted January 31, 2020;
    Published February 3, 2020
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    Volume 16 2020, Issue #1, pp. 11-18
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Lithuanian government attempts to create equal opportunities for children who are brought up in different economic, social, and cultural conditions. The income of the majority of Lithuanian citizens still falls behind the European average. This study aims to examine the effect of household income on the choice of non-formal education activity of children and the costs of participation in sports. A questionnaire survey was public used on a website. Vilnius households (Ʃ = 136) were those whose 3-7 years old children were enrolled in non-formal sports activities. The survey aimed to find out the effect of household income on the selection of children’s non-formal sports education. Results showed that the importance level of a sports club, the sport, or activity selection criteria are more expressed in families with lower income. Survey revealed the annual (nine months) ten categories of expenses incurred by parents. The average parental costs for children’s sports activities per nine months amount to EUR 550, consisting of the membership fees and other costs. Parents tend to finance children’s non-formal education through sport irrespective of household income, i.e., parental predispositions towards their children’s participation in sports are much stronger compared to incurred expenses on sports activities.

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    • Table 1. Average consumption expenditure and its structure in 2012 and 2016
    • Table 2. Sports club, the sport, or activity selection criteria importance level by two groups of subjects according to household income per family member
    • Table 3. Annual (nine months) parental expenses for children’s sports activities
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