Brand-consumer relationship of female millennials toward K-beauty


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For the last decade, the Korean beauty market has skyrocketed in terms of sales. Despite differences in usage steps, culture, and geography, Korean beauty products are the fastest-growing market segment in Indonesia. In addition, they are aimed primarily at millennial consumers. Therefore, this study looked at the effect of the brand-consumer relationship on the experience of Korean beauty products in Indonesia. The research sample consisted of millennial female users. As a result, 255 valid responses were obtained. Using SEM Lisrel, the study revealed that all study hypotheses were accepted. All the variables had a significant influence on each other. Notably, brand commitment had the strongest impact, and it was significantly related to and contributed more to brand love. The contribution of this brand-consumer relationship stems from the fact that brand commitment is more consistent in achieving brand love than brand experience. Furthermore, it was found that brand experience is more subjective, resulting in irrational consumer behavior toward brand love.

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    • Figure 1. Research model
    • Figure 2. Structural model (factor loadings and t-values)
    • Table 1. Questionnaire Items
    • Table 2. Demographics of participants
    • Table 3. Descriptive statistics for each variable
    • Table 4. Items and their loadings
    • Table 5. Paths, estimates, and significance
    • Conceptualization
      Adma Sari, Sucherly, Meydia Нasan, Yevis Marty Oesman
    • Data curation
      Adma Sari, Sucherly, Meydia Нasan, Yevis Marty Oesman
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      Adma Sari, Sucherly, Meydia Нasan, Yevis Marty Oesman
    • Funding acquisition
      Adma Sari
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      Adma Sari
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      Adma Sari, Sucherly, Meydia Нasan, Yevis Marty Oesman
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      Adma Sari
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      Adma Sari
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      Adma Sari
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      Sucherly, Meydia Нasan, Yevis Marty Oesman