Factors influencing brand love: A case study of Apple in Saudi Arabia


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This paper aims to explore the factors that drive brand love for Apple in Saudi Arabia, which have not been studied previously. The study utilized the PROCESS macro on SPSS with models 4 and 15 to analyze the data collected from Saudi Arabian consumers. The findings confirmed that self-image congruence has both a direct effect, which equals 0.429, and an indirect effect through price perception, amounting to 0.083, on brand love. This means consumers who perceive themselves as similar to the brand in terms of personality, values, and lifestyles are more likely to develop a strong affection for Apple. The study also revealed the negative moderation of prestige sensitivity in the relationship between self-image congruence and brand love. In fact, the effect of self-image congruence on brand love is significantly higher (0.504) among individuals displaying low prestige sensitivity compared to those exhibiting high prestige sensitivity (0.323). However, the results did not support the moderation of prestige sensitivity in the relationship between price perception and brand love. Overall, this paper contributes to the existing literature on brand love, self-image congruence, price perception, and prestige sensitivity. The findings provide valuable insights for marketers to develop effective strategies to enhance consumers’ emotional connection with their brands. By understanding the importance of self-image congruence and considering the role of prestige sensitivity, marketers can better tailor their marketing messages and branding efforts to appeal to Saudi Arabian consumers. This study highlights the importance of cultural differences in consumer behavior and provides a basis for future research.

The authors extend their appreciation to the Deanship of Scientific Research at King Khalid University for funding this paper through a large group Research Project under grant number RGP2/407/44.

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    • Figure 1. Moderating effect of PS on the effect of SIC on BL
    • Figure 2. Conditional effect of PP on BL
    • Figure 3. Results of the empirical investigation
    • Table 1. Factor analyses
    • Table 2. Discriminant validity: Fornell-Larcker criterion (upper-right) and the HTMT criterion (lower-left)
    • Table 3. Mediation analysis summary
    • Table 4. Results of the conditional model: The moderation and moderated mediation analysis
    • Table 5. Moderating effect of prestige sensitivity between self-image congruence and brand love
    • Table 6. Conditional indirect effect of self-image congruence on brand love
    • Conceptualization
      Fethi Klabi
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      Fethi Klabi
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      Fethi Klabi
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      Fethi Klabi
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