Islamic finance: more expectations and less disappointment


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Islamic finance has faced a two-fold criticism from scholars; viz. constructive criticism and destructive criticism. Majority of the scholars criticize it with the intention to improve its overall development, but some scholars are more negative in their criticism. This paper proposes that Islamic banks (a component of Islamic finance) are not charitable institutions, but are the intermediary institutions that take care of investors’ expectations to keep the time value and return to their investments intact with the market fluctuations. The purpose of this paper is to provide better insight about Islamic finance so as to further improve this industry to achieve its long term goals and serve the society better. The paper also attempts to answer some of the common allegations imposed by scholars towards Islamic finance.

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    • Fig. 1. Basic rules of Islamic finance
    • Fig. 2. Screening process of Islamic financial product development
    • Fig. 3. Objectives of Islamic finance
    • Fig. 4. Breakdown of Islamic finance into different segment
    • Table 1. Name of Islamic bank with the date of establishment and country