Financial literacy in Ukraine: from micro to macro level

  • Received November 1, 2019;
    Accepted November 25, 2019;
    Published December 16, 2019
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    Volume 16 2019, Issue #4, pp. 240-253
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Low financial literacy of population hinders the financial market development, limits the possibilities of using the savings for investing and creating the additional capital in the country. At the state level it results in inflation, the budget deficit creation, a decrease in country’s gold and foreign exchange reserves, an increase in internal and external government debt. The article analyzes the approaches to understanding the concept of financial literacy, tools for its measuring and comparing at micro and macro levels, dynamics of savings and gold and foreign currency reserves, peculiarities of financial literacy through the analysis of dynamics and structure of revenues and expenditures of the government budget and the population of Ukraine. Factors influencing the financial literacy of the population have been systematized. The findings give an idea of creating the optimal managerial influence based on the estimation of financial literacy of the Ukrainian population with the help of specific statistical indicators to expand the possibilities of such influence and to regulate the economic processes to achieve the financial stability of the state and the population. The study showed low financial literacy at both population and state levels. However, at the micro level, creating the credit relations, as well as income, expenses, and savings is more effective than at the macro level.

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    • Table 1. Income and expenses of the population of Ukraine, UAH mln
    • Table 2. Execution of the government budget of Ukraine, UAH mln
    • Table 3. Loans to households in Ukraine, UAH mln
    • Table 4. Dynamics of the government debt of Ukraine, UAH mln
    • Table 5. Government debt-to-GDP ratio in Ukraine, UAH mln
    • Table 6. Savings of the population of Ukraine, UAH mln
    • Table 7. Household deposits in Ukraine, UAH mln
    • Table 8. Dynamics of gold and foreign exchange reserves in Ukraine, UAH mln