A deficit of decent work as a current trend in the development of social and labor sphere in Ukraine

  • Received October 25, 2016;
    Accepted December 18, 2016;
    Published January 5, 2017
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    Volume 1 2017, Issue #1, pp. 5-18
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Sustainable development of the national economy is impossible without the creation of conditions for safe, high-quality, efficient work. The relevance of the study is explained by the need of methodological substantiation and development of theoretical and applied instruments for ensuring decent work. The scientific and practical significance of the study is to distinguish the forms of manifestation, to establish the causes of decent work deficit within the new economy and to determine the vectors of its overcoming in Ukraine. The results of the study are focused on generalization of the modern trends in the development of social and labor sphere in Ukraine and improvement of the concept of decent work to be used in practice in order to achieve progress in the social and labor sphere. The subject of the study is theoretical and applied principles of the concept of decent work as a basis for the development of mechanisms and instruments to overcome the deficit of decent work. The methodological platform of the study is formed by the general scientific and special methods: theoretical generalization; abstract and logical synthesis; induction and deduction; classification and typology; comparative and structural analysis that would allow carrying out multidirectional research of the progress (regress) in the sphere of work on different levels. The methodological basis for achieving this goal is the systematic and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of socio-economic indicators of decent work deficit. The purpose of the study is a scientific and theoretical substantiation of the decent work deficit and determination of strategic guidelines for its overcoming in Ukraine. In the article the authors present their view on the institute of decent work. Forms of manifestation and causes of decent work deficit are presented. The content of the article shows the relationship of the deficit of decent work and the precariat phenomenon. The authors present their vision of the concept of decent work as a strategic development of social and labor sphere and a major road towards elimination of the deficit of decent work in Ukraine.

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    • Table 1. Indicators characterizing the categories of economically active population of Ukraine in the status of precariat in 2006-2015
    • Table 2. Data, which characterize regional disparities (inequalities) in the income of the population and their relation to the deficit of decent work